The labbers are a multidisciplinary team of highly motivated and talented students from Finland and Mexico. Together they share a passion of wanting to make a difference.

Aalto LAB Mexico 2019


the team

Aalto LAB Mexico 2018


Henna Jylhä
Henna is a fi_DSC0676rst-year master student of Water and Environmental engineering in Aalto University, and she will contribute to water filter project in the village of El 20. Her personal goal for the project is no less than to find the meaning of life (or at least her studies). Knitting socks is close to her heart and she is looking forward to sharing handcraft experiences with the villagers.

Juho Kaljunen
kuva_almSustainability close to his heart, Juho has studied environmental management and water and environmental tech. He will continue as a doctoral student after graduating in June 2018, focusing in nutrient recovery and recycling. For ALM project Juho will plan and develop the water filtration system for El 20.

Carolina Kansikas
Carolina is a double degree Master’s student candidate in Economics and CEMS MIM International Management at Aalto University School of Business. She will be taking care of the part of the project concerning the local economy of El 20, working with the development of tourism, artesanía, and communal funds. In addition, she will be taking care of the cost-benefit analysis of the structural water interventions proposed.

Heidi Konttinen
puolukat2.gifWhile design has traditionally been one of the most destructive professions both culturally and environmentally, it has also proved to have the power and tools to make the change into the systems. Heidi, with a background in industrial design, is seeking ways to use design for sustainability and equity. She believes that the solutions for the whole planet and people cannot be found only from the eurocentric knowledge system, but the key is to cherish the pluri-versity of knowledges. In El 20, she hopes to practice the co-design skills learned through her studies in Creative Sustainability and learn how western and Mayan knowledge could support the viability of the community.

Sara Saukkonen
skypeGlobal water issues and sustainability drove Sara to her engineering studies. She started her master studies in Water and Environmental Engineering together with Henna and she will be a part of the water filtration project in El 20. She hopes to have a positive impact and find ways for the villagers to become more self-sufficient in water availability.


Aalto LAB Mexico 2017


Paavo Vallas


Age: 23

Studies: Bachelor of technology. Currently doing masters in environmental management

Hobbies: Floorball as a player,  ice-hockey as a player, a spectator and a referee. Fun fact: Mexico actually has 19 indoor ice-rinks and 1964 registered ice-hockey players. None of them live in El 20 though.

Favorite quote:

How are you still alive?

– my girlfriend to me, after seeing how I work in the kitchen

What was your motivation to join the project? Curiosity, a will to help and a will to learn.

Julia Renko


Age: 22

Studies: Bachelor of Science in Economics and Business Administration. Currently studying to be a master in the same field, with a major in Creative Sustainability

Hobbies: Travelling, video games and all kinds of team sports!

Favorite quote:

You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take – Wayne Gretzky

– Michael Scott

What was your motivation to join the project? Passion towards empowering communities and working in intercultural/interdisciplinary projects

Pietu Pankkonen


Age: 26

Studies: Master of Science (Environmental Sciences), studying another Master’s degree in Water and Environmental Engineering

Ville Sundman


Age: 25

Studies: Bachelor of Science (mechanical engineering). Currently studying for a master’s degree and majoring in mechanical engineering with a minor in water- and environmental engineering.

Hobbies: Sports, Fishing, Eating (and cooking) and Skyping my girlfriend.

Favorite quote:

Only words and conventions can isolate us from the entirely undefinable something which is everything.

– Alan Watts

Life’s a climb, but the views great

– Hannah Montana

What was your motivation to join the project? Do something concrete for a good cause.

Niklas Dahlberg


Age: 25

Studies: Bachelor in Marine Technology, now studying master’s in water and environmental engineering

Hobbies: Free skiing and ski touring, playing guitar and harmonica, good movies, hitchhiking

Favorite quote:

If the doors of perception were cleansed everything would appear to man as it is, Infinite.

– William Blake

What was your motivation to join the project? Do something concrete and hopefully beneficial. To learn of development work and new cultures.

Elina Lehikoinen (mentor)

Age: 30elina-lehikoinen

Field of expertise: M.Sc. in water engineering and currently doing a PhD about Finland’s food security for the Water and Development Research Group and “From Failand to Winland” –consortium.

Hobbies: cycling, snow- and kiteboarding, travelling

Favorite quote:

There are no words that can tell the hidden spirit of the wilderness, that can reveal its mystery, its melancholy and its charm. The nation behaves well if it treats the natural resources as assets which it must turn over to the next generation increased; and not impaired in value.

– Theodore Roosevelt

What was your motivation to join the project?: I was in El20 during Spring 2015 mentoring another group and enjoyed it greatly. Now really excited to return the village, to meet the people again and to continue the work.


Aalto LAB Mexico 2016


Nayeli, Alejandra, and Alan, from ALM team of 2015 continued in 2016; the new members of the team were:


My name is Herson Gonzalo Ramuel Marin Cahuich, I am 19 years old, I like playing football, reading, and learning new things. I am studying Project Management and Evaluation at the new Technological University of Calakmul./ Me llamo Herson Gonzalo Ramuel Marin Cahuich, tengo 19 años, me gusta jugar fútbol, leer, aprender cosas nuevas y estudio la carrera de administración, evaluación y gestión de proyectos.

Hello, mi name is Erika Libson, I am from Coahuila, Mexico but I am currently living and studying Architecture in Monterrey, Mexico. I am passionate about music, sports, travel and learning about different cultures around the world. I’m

12498649_10156717599160724_1000303660_nhonored of being part of Aalto Lab Team because I am convinced we can make a difference and upgrade the quality of life of the people we’re about to help. I believe that every human being has the right to live their lives as well and good as they can, and I think we are

more than able to make that happen with the community we are working with. I hope I can be able to help with my interest and knowledge in Social Architecture, and to accomplish by our common goal of helping others.




Hi, my name is Jorge García, I am 23 years old. I was born in Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, México. Currently I am living in Monterrey, Nuevo León since 3 years ago. I am a student at CEDIM in the same city, in the graphic design program. I have a special interest in how brands work and how design can help us improve our quality of life. I like to learn new things with new people that are as excited as me about design, and even more eager to be part of the Aalto Lab México 2016 team.




Hi! My name is Ricardo Márquez, I’m 24 years old and I was born and raised in Monterrey, México. I am a Product Design and Development student at CEDIM. I am really eager in taking part in this project and getting a chance to work in a user centered design process. I like playing board games, reading and playing videogames with friends. I believe Aalto Lab Mexico can make a big difference and I hope this experience makes El 20 a better place for its community.

MELANIE(: Hey! My name is Melanie, I’m 23. I was born in Acapulco, MX and have moved around during my childhood and teen years (lived in Florida, Guatemala and Bordeaux, FR), until I moved to Monterrey, where I am currently on my last year of studies in graphic design @ CEDIM. I am really keen to get to know everyone and understand (through you and your experiences) why governments sometimes only work for the benefit of a few people, and how this has affected so many indigenous groups in México. I’m also super excited to go to El 20 and experience the life and environment there, especially the architecture/archeology, food and wildlife.



Hi! My name is Alicia and I’m student of Fashion Design and Business at CEDIM (Mexican design School). I am from Monterrey , I have been living most of my life in this City but I was born in Morelia, Michoacán. I am interested about innovative design, the implementation of artistic techniques and art in the design process. I’m an animal lover and in my free time, I love to go to museums and discover new places. I’m a person that believe that the society needs people who love what they do and people who learned to develop empathy with others including people who don´t believe the same things that them. My favorite Fashion Designer and example of professional life is Alexander McQueen because he was a person who was loyal to their believes and change the way others saw fashion design.


Hi! I am Christopher Betancourt, I am 21 years old and I’m from Monterrey, Mexico. Nowadays, I am in my senior year of Fashion Design and Business at CEDIM. I love my career and the infinity of things that you can develop within fashion. Many people think that the fashion world is too superficial but they don’t see what is really behind every campaign, collection or even every fashion show. I love to travel, discover new places, food, music and crystals. 😉 I’d like to help others with my work.




Hello. I’m Ximena from Monterrey, México. I’m 24 and in my last year as a Product Design student and I thought I was gonna go crazy before I met Social Design. When this happened, I found some answers to the questions I’ve asked my whole life. I found that the ache in my heart caused by the state of the world could be eased by doing something about it.  I don’t think there are people in need and those who help them. I believe we are all in need and that we can help each other rise from the difficult situations life makes us all go through. What makes me get out of bed each day is remembering my life, work, and passion can help other human beings want to get out of bed as well, and fight, but not just that. I would like everyone in any kind of need, to thrive and be really happy and I believe love and fulfilling, hard work are the means to that happiness. This is why I’m really excited about ALM because I see this as a beautiful and rare opportunity to think and work with so many different people and find some answers to today’s problems.


Hi! I’m Roy from Helsinki and I am currently studying my master in water and environmental engineering at Aalto university and have graduated bachelor from environmental sciences. I am aware and concerned about the environmental crisis taking place during our lifetime. I find Aalto LAB exiting because it introduces new ways of design thinking to achieve environmental and societal goals that I find central also in my own career and life prospects. In my own time I like to go skiing, jogging and play billiards. Im quite easygoing and love to chat with people from different backgrounds.

My name is Mareike and I´m a Masterstudent in Water- and Environmental Engineering, with a specialisation in water supply and sewage disposal. In the moment I´m doing an exchange year in Finland. That brought me not just the unique opportunity to mareikeexperience the lifestyle in a new country, I have now also the opportunity to set the first mile stone for my future plans. My goal is to work after my degree as a project manager in the humanitarian aid sector with regard to water, sanitation and hygiene. That’s why I´m especially interested in sustainable and future oriented water supply and sanitation techniques. Since I´m little I did know that I wanted to do something to change the world. Now with my field I have the possibility to do that. This project is one of the first steps to learn everything about the procedure of an international humanitarian project. When I´m not busy with making world saving plans then I love to travel, to see the world, get to know new cultures, try new food and meet new people. I´m really exited about the hole project and hope that I can support the group work with my motivation and knowledge.


Hi my name is Philipp. I am an exchange student from Berlin, Germany. I studied Landscape-architecture and environmental planning as a Bachelor at the Technical University in Berlin and I am now studying Urban Ecosystem Sciences as a Master at the same place. My interests are soil science as-well as designing anthropogenic systems in a sustainable way. I am looking forward to working on a hands-on project. I hope I can contribute my knowledge and learn from others at the same time. This will be my first time raveling outside Europe, so I am very exited about that.


MikaelHola amigas y amigos! I am Mikael Jalmari Hyövälti, a fifth year student here at Aalto University. I enjoy studying as new challenges are to be completed and the amount of options and possibilities is staggering. I’m majoring in Water and Environmental Engineering and minoring in Work Psychology and Leadership. I am interested in people-oriented working methods, which is why intercultural challenges sound like very much fun. ALM 2016 has already been one of the most mind blowing courses that I have had, so I am eager to see what kind field trip we will have. I believe that new friends and helping people make every day a better one 🙂 See you guys!

Christine (1)

Hi there! My name is Christine and I am a student of Creative Sustainability at Aalto University (School of Business). I am from the Netherlands, where I have been living most of my life. I am interested in global challenges, with a focus on sustainability and conflict resolution. In my free time, I love to organise events and bring people together. One of the things I try to do on a daily basis is learning from others, which is why I am looking forward so much to meeting all the lovely people in Mexico. Next to the people, I am also excited to see a new part of the world, enjoying its nature and eat (local) food!


Hola! My name is Ville and I am from Finland. I am master student in Water and Environmental Engineering in Aalto University. I am especially interested in global water issues and sustainability. I have been working for a while in Water & Development Research Group in climate change related projects. Currently I am writing my thesis about changing climate variability in Finland. Outside of school and work I am real sports enthusiast. I have been playing football and futsal for my whole life. I am really exited being part of ALM16 team and having opportunity to participate in the project. I am looking forward to meet awesome new people, learn from them and hopefully share my expertise.

My name is Diego, I’m 21 and I study engineering in sustainable development. I´m from Oaxaca a state in the south of Mexico, very rich in culture and traditions. Since I was very young I have been interested in social issues and inequity in my country. I like to learn new things and meet new people. I like extreme sports like rock climbing and mtb.  I’ve made a cultural exchange in Denmark and it really made an impact on me. I’m excited to meet you all and work together, see you soon.

IMG_0142Hello! My name is Sebastián but I prefer to be called Tian. I am currently studying my second year of Industrial Design at Tecnológico de Monterrey in Mexico City. Applying design methods directed towards development issues is my dream career path. Travelling and volunteering are my favourite things to do. I am passionate about nature, people and tropical music.


Hello! my name is Ana Paula and I am 23 years old. I’m a mexican student of Industrial Design at the UNAM . Lately I am having a strong interest in inclusive design I find it very exciting how a thoughtful and empathic design can change people’s lives . I love swimming, I practiced it daily for 10 years. I am a fan cinema and having a good conversation is one of the things I enjoy most. Entering to Aalto Lab opened the door for me to be useful for someone who needs me, also providing my knowledge and together as a team achieve the best for this community. Learning of all who belong to this group is something that excites me a lot.

Captura de pantalla 2016-02-21 a las 11.48.48.pngHi! My name is Irais, I’m studying Industrial Design at UNAM. I am in love with Mexico and proud to be Mexican. I love learning about different cultures and working with people. I am extremely excited to be part of this project because as designers we are committed to solving the problems and needs of people through the objects that surround us. Which is why contributing something to this community will be a great satisfaction in a personal way and as a designer. I enjoy traveling, listening music, running, spending time with my family and friends, and meeting new people.

FOTO Andrea.jpgHi, mi name is Andrea. I study Industrial Design at UNAM. As a designer, I have the opportunity to enhance people’s daily life in order to have a more sustainable and happier life. I love learning new things and meeting new people. I believe every one of us have something amazing to share and we can learn from each other’s experience. That’s why I got interested in ALM project, because I can work with people from different places which have their own way of perceiving life. I believe Aalto Lab Mexico is an amazing opportunity to make a difference and learn how to be a better designer and a better person.


Aalto LAB Mexico 2015


Hla foto 3 (1)iiiiiiii : ) ! I´m Nayeli from Mexico City, I am still studying my bachelor in Sustainable Development Engineering in ITESM. Since I was young I have been involved with nature and outdoors activities. My favorite hobbies: playing soccer and chess. I like to try new things, enjoy the challenges and exposing myself. I am very concerned about climate change, armed conflicts, poverty and water accessibility. I know there are a lot of subjects to work on, and a need to unify the interests of different cultures and sectors to  solve social and environmental issues in a creative way. The opportunity to collaborate with Aalto Lab members and people in the community is thrilling. My life goal is to turn global risks and problems into opportunities. “It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see. ” – Henry David Thoreau.

Hello world! My name is Alejandra10998326_10206007482963213_1542899296502219398_o, people call me Ale. I’m studying Industrial Design in ITESM. Lately I’ve been super interested in sustainability and social issues, I believe major changes can be done and I want to be some sort of a kick starter for those changes. I see Design as a plan, so every human has the capacity to design, but only a few ones dare to design more than their own lives.  Besides school and design I am part of the Polynesian Dances Company in ITESM, I enjoy sooo much dancing, not only Polynesian, but every kind of music, from ska to house music. When I grow up I will travel all around the world. Learning is something a really, really enjoy, because you can learn from EVERYTHING, it’s up to you if you open your mind…


Anuj: I am a master student of Creative Sustainability at the Aalto School of Economics. My previous background has been in accounting and finance. I love football(european), traveling and meeting people from diverse background. I am from India and a huge history buff so I am really excited about coming to Mexico and find similarities among our ancient cultures. I Therefore really looking forward to working on this project as it will be a totally new experience for me.


I’m Tuulikki, a Finnish master student in landscape architecture and urban planning from Aalto University. I enjoy outdoor activities and camping in the wilderness. Best meditation for me is walking in a forest or diving into the rhythm of good music on a dance floor. I’ve had the chance to travel a lot and I’ve lived as an exchange student in Germany. I also took part in an expedition with a group of Aalto students in southern Africa. Recently I made a tour around southern Mexico and experienced some amazing stuff. What a coincidence that I found my way to Aalto Mexico Lab right after that! International projects really make me excited and motivated.  During this project I’m keen on learning more about systematic thinking, participatory design and the Mayan way of living together with the natural environment.

happy@csHi, I am Ekaterina but you can call me just Katja. I love to joke and make people laugh. I usually find myself going against the mainstream while exploring the world. I am natural researcher and like to find connections between things that at first don’t seem to be in anykind of correlation. If I would be a doctor I would prescript coming out of the comfort zone and thinking outside the box. I love quantum physic and I am a fan of String theory. And I think traveling is the only thing worth paying for that actually makes us richer. I enjoy silence but I love the sounds of Nature. I am doing MA in Creative Sustainability program in Aalto University, Finland. My strength is in Systems Thinking and Human Centered Design. I am really excited to be part of the Aalto Lab Mexico project. I think it’s a unique opportunity to change our angle of perception on the Worlds complexity and to learn from it.

IMG_2746My name is Trang. I am studying Creative Sustainability at Aalto School of Business. I am from Vietnam, the capital Hanoi. I have been studying about sustainability since my bachelor degree with the thesis topic of social entrepreneurship. I am very honor to be a member of Aalto Mexico Lab. I want to enlarge my knowledge and broaden my experience. As coming from a country needing a lot of development projects, I have the enthusiasm and hope my background knowledge can bring me advantages in contributing to our project in Mexico. My favorite color is green. I love flowers and gardening. I also love travelling and shopping which might sound ironic to a sustainability student. That is the reason why I even more gardening more so as to compensate somehow for the carbon footprint that I would release while travelling and shopping.


Hello Everyone! I am Bilen originally from Ethiopia ,I have been living in Finland for the last 6 years. I am currently doing my masters in Environmental Engineering at Aalto University. I did my Bachelor on Architecture and urban Planning . Love to travel,watch and play all sort of sports ,meet new people ,experience new culture and love to draw specially  cartoons.


Hola! I’m Ingrid and I’m half Brazilian, half Finn. I’m a master’s student of environmental informatics in Aalto University and did my bachelor’s in environmental engineering. I love nature, learning about different cultures and working with people from different backgrounds. My favorite color is green and I LOVE cats! I’m interested in renewable energy, sustainability and social problems in general. I’m really excited about the Aalto Lab Mexico project and I wish I can contribute to a more sustainable world and make a difference to people’s lives.


Hello! My name is Tanja and I am a water and environmental engineering student from Aalto University. My interests are sustainable resource management both locally and globally and preservation of the natural environment. I love animals and I enjoy reading a good book now and then. I am passionate about communities living in close contact with the surrounding nature and I think I will learn a lot about that during this project. I have never been to Mexico, but I am really looking forward to experiencing the nature and the culture. I am really excited to be a part of this project, I hope I can contribute to making an improvement in people’s everyday life.

AlinI’m Alin and I will finish very soon my bachelor studies in Architecture at U.N.A.M. in Mexico City. I was for a year in Erasmus Exchange at E.N.S.A. Paris-Belleville and since then my conception about architecture in relation with many factors in whole world changed a lot. As I like to learn and keep me updated about many subjects, I think multidisciplinary research is an objective work that should be applied in cities because disciplines tend to be separated one from each other. I love to meet people and share good and unforgettable moments. I don’t like the monotony, that means I love to have adventures! I use to keep a very healthy life. I extremely enjoy listening any kind of music that sensitively moves me, to learn new things, to meet people and have friends from any part of the world. Often, I like to have long walks through the city and have interesting talks with my friends.

9D38DF8D-A20D-4E64-924F-B432FCD0741FHi! My name is Alan and I´m studying architecture in ITESM in Mexico City. I got interested in this project because as architects we are always telling people what they need instead of asking them, we are not offering a product but a service, also because I wanted to do something for the community in general. Aside from school, I love food. I like to go to new places and try new things and really take a moment to taste what I am eating. I enjoy reading, going to the movies, traveling, meeting new people, learning about other cultures to take the good and apply it to my life.

Hello! I’m Guillermo, a biologist from México City.  I’m studying a PhD in the National Autonomous University of Mexico1795693_10152605726917644_3873586327157854809_n about the evolution of chemical defense of Jimson weed. I try to promote reflection and criticism of ideas related to scientific work being member of the Center for semiserious investigations (CIMS in Spanish, you can find us in Facebook). I’m a crazy cat dude who happens to love playing and listening to music.


Aalto LAB Mexico 2013


Juan, Gabriel, and Pam, from 2012 continued in 2012. These were the new members for 2013:


Hi! I’m Isela, a 22-year-old Industrial Design student from Mexico City. I recently lived one year in Germany where I discovered service design and I am completely in love with it. I also love traveling, photography, watercolor painting, contemporary art, running, great food and getting to know different cultures, people and traditions. Aalto LAB for me is a great opportunity to learn more about the application of design in the world and the application of co-creation within communities.


My name is Flynn. I’m from New Zealand, studied Architecture in Melbourne, Australia and am now part of the Creative Sustainability program at Aalto. I have worked in small architectural practices and also for local government in urban design. These days I’m more interested in the ‘architecture of problems’, so in this sense I’m excited to work with the lab and learn from everyone involved.

Theresa_bergMy name is Theresa. I am a strategic designer, passionate about how design can tackle system challenges and how design can have an impact to improve peoples lives. Previously I have worked within the service design field with public organization projects and I am currently taking a MA in International Design Business Management at Aalto University. I also have an MA in Education and been teaching in Scandinavia, England and Thailand.

berlin-5My name is Suvi. I am about to finish my master studies in Creative Sustainability in the Aalto University. My background is in furniture design. I am also educated as an artisan and I have work experience from an elementary school as a woodwork teacher. For me, Aalto Lab is a great opportunity to learn more about co-working for a community.

Ismo1Hi!  I am Ismo and I study wood product technology in the School of in the Aalto University and minoring in IDBM. Things I get easily excited are: concept development, sustainable materials and working with different people from various backgrounds. During evenings and weekends I enjoy chasing flying plastic objects (playing ultimate frisbee), eating and taking photos with my old camera.


Aalto LAB Mexico 2012


Anna: I am studying at Aalto university for the last year and currently writing my master’s thesis. I spent this summer in Tijuana doing field research for my thesis. I was employed by a company concentrated in clean technology. I lived in Mexico for 7 months in 2008, when I did my exchange program in Hermosillo. I’ve gained international experience by living overseas, enjoy traveling and learning new languages.
Hi! I’m Patty. Since I was a kid (if I can recall right) I’ve always wanted to be a journalist, and in some ways I think I’ve been one since that time. I am interested in economics, politics and social affairs. I believe in the power of educating people to have a better life. I also think that a journalist has the power to give voice to those who are not being listened. I also believe in the power of delicious Mexican food to make you feel great. 🙂 I enjoy reading, listening to music (most of it), eating, having a good time with my friends, dancing, learning new things, giving the news, talking in the radio show among other things.
My name is Sharoon and I’m from Mexico. I’m 20 years old, an INFJ , straight and wonderful. I’m a sophmore, studying Humanities and Social Sciences. I like pink, green and yellow together, sunflowers (don’t give them to me) and gerber daisies (you can give me this), candles and places to store things (cans, boxes, bottles and so on). I’m a full-time superhero and Martha Stewart deputy quarter of it.
Hi, my name is Tommi, and I’m a 24 year old student at the Information Networks Degree Programme at Aalto University. I’m majoring in Media and minoring in Knowledge Intensive Business. I really knew I wanted to be a part of Aalto LAB, as I find sustainability a very important issue these days and tackling these issues in the field while earning credits for it sounded really awesome! During my free time I likes to go climbing, reading, running, watching movies and going out with friends or to the midst of nature. I’m also a huge fan of Lord of the Rings, dinosaurs and Star Wars.
Anthony: Hi. I’m 24. I’m half British. From my fathers side. And no, I’ve never lived there. I was born in Parainen, in the archipelago of Turku, Finland. Lived there for the first 19 years of my life, in fact. When I came to Otaniemi to study I very quickly took part in a lot of voluntary activities through our guild, The Guild of Mechanical Engineers (how creative can we be in inventing names, right?). Since my guild activity is coming to a slow end with only the organizing of the annual celebration on my hands, I thought that Aalto LAB Mexico could be something different for a change. I don’t really have any background in communal work, but I’m sure I add a bit of flavor to the team!
I’m Sofia, an almost 25-year old curious personality living in the Finnish capital area since I was born. My background is in a Finnish-German family where languages and cultures have always been a major interest.My cross-disciplinary studies consisting of business & anthropology are in line with my personal and professional focus that has always been towards societal and environmental issues combined with economy and natural resources. Sustainability is one of my dearest causes.
I am Nina, 23 and from Germany, and glad to be part of the Aalto Mexico Lab. I have a background in film & special effects but are mainly working with video documentation and video art, I love exploring my surroundings with the camera, but often don’t find or take the time to do so. But you’ll see me with a camera in Mexico, for sure. I just came back from a research project in Lebanon where I worked with minorities, to be specific the African and Asian female migrant domestic workers that often have to endure terrible conditions. Together we created workshops to find the right needs to tackle and to develop solutions. I try to go snowboarding every winter, no matter what. I just love it. All my savings usually go to travelling to new places, either to research or to just explore without a plan or both and I love getting lost. Oh and I squeal like a little girl when I see cockroaches, spiders or snakes. Just so you know.
Niina: I am a master’s student of computer science in Aalto University and did my bachelor’s on data networks in Metropolia University of Applied Sciences. In addition to computer science I’m really into usability, product development and my new minor, work psychology and leadership. I’m very interested in international and multidisciplinary projects, previous one being Aalto on Waves (, where 110 people from Aalto University community traveled from Finland to Brazil, mostly on a boat! I have also been working for Board of European Students of Technology that organizes Europe wide activities and event for engineering students.
My name is Pamela. I am 22 years old,and a student in Sustainable Development Engineering. I’m really interested in social development, as well as in conservation. I consider that getting involved with other type of cultures and societies is always very enriching for both parts. Im a nature lover. I also love sports, specially the ones in open spaces such as running, biking, or swimming. I enjoy making music and playing the bass guitar, as well as other type of arts like dancing or painting. Oh, I’m also a french movies lover (specially Amelie).
Juan: I’m an Industrial Design student in the National University in México I’m doing my 9th semester of my BA really interested in social issues and sustainability (Whatever it means nowadays). I believe that Objects can make the difference whether for good or bad so as a designer I considered myself responsible for what is going to happen around me and think that is time to take some actions about it. I’ve spent a couple of summers in Finland (2011 and 2012) and let’s be honest, who doesn’t like summer in Finland? I’m a bass player in a band called Morosos, I really enjoy spend my time listening to all kinds of music and hang out with my friends, luckily I can do both at the same time with the band.
My name is Gabriel, I’m 22 years old and I’m from a small town south of Mexico City called Malinalco. I used to live in Los Angeles, where I studied arts and photography, but I realized that I wanted to study something different, something that could make a positive impact on our society and in nature, now I’m studying industrial design at UNAM. I feel like a I have a big social responsibility as an industrial designer, I believe that Aalto Lab Mexico is a unique opportunity to become a better designer and a better person.
I am Mariana. I´m majoring in Industrial Design with a minor in Retail. I am passionate about life, I love my planet and most of its life forms (not too fond of insects), I enjoy experiencing life at the fullest and I find peace in nature. I like learning new things, meeting people and understanding different cultures, that’s why I enjoy the knowledge of languages because it helps me bend the barriers between different countries. I love dancing, singing, cooking, eating and sleeping and I very much enjoy spending time with the people I love. I strongly believe in the power each one of us has and that’s why I’m so excited about being a part of this project where we actually get the chance to make a difference in the life of people and, what better place to start than my beautiful México?

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