Water/ “Cuxta- Há”


During the visit to 20 Nov in 2012, different things were learned both from the experts and from interviews with the people. The composition of the soil in the Yucatan Peninsula is rich in carbonate and soluble rocks (mainly limestone); water gets polluted as soon as it gets in touch with the ground. Heavy water causes kidney stones; we heard stories of people getting kidney stones in 20 Nov, and their naturist treatment. We also saw that people collect water from the rain for all purposes, but the quality of that water remains unknown. Furthermore, the experts from CONANP (National Commission for Natural Protected Areas) informed us that rain levels are dropping as temperature rises in the region; if droughts have not meant a problem, they might do soon.

Access to clean water is a global priority and a human right. We wish to explore possibilities for a sustainable water system, which considers all different uses that people make of water in 20 Nov, and the required qualities for each of them.

Water project presentation 2013


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