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El 20 de Noviembre is located 11.3 km southeast from Xpujil the capital of Calakmul, and the middle point in the road that connects the cities of Escárcega and Chetumal. It is located 26 km from the border that divides the states of Campeche and Quintana Roo.


The prevailing weather is warm temperate subhumid with rains in summer.

In the neighboring land near Escárcega, the main weather is a (wi) warm temperate subhumid with rains in summer on average humidity, covering 72 per cent of the region’s area.  Followed by the northern border, with a(wo) warm subhumid  with rains in summer and lower humidity, this weather occurs on 16 per cent of the region’s area. The region’s surface left is characterized by being a(w2) warm subhumid.


Calakmul is the highest point in the region, so even though it rains a lot, that water runs off. .

The maximum height above mean sea level is found in the Champerico hill with 390 meters above sea level and the minimum varies from 100 to 150 meters.

The region is traversed by a group of small elevations called the Low Plateau of Zoh-Laguna. The highest points are El Gavilán (210 meters) , El Doce (250 meters), El Ramonal (340 meters) and Los Chinos (370 meters).


The Calakmul region is located in three basins known as Laguna de Terminos, Cerrada and the Bay of Chetumal, belonging to the hydrological regions called Grijalva-Usumacinta Region and east Yucatán.

The groundwater systems are at a depth that varies from 60 to 300 meters, with a high content of gypsum, which makes the groundwater unfit for human consumption, not very suitable for animals and not suitable for irrigation, its use causes the soil to be salted.

There are no important surface water currents, only ephemeral formations in the rainy season. The existing water bodies in the region are: La Laguna de Noh, El Teniente and  Alvarado.


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