Artesanía para el Bienestar

Artesanía para el Bienestar (“Artistry for Wellbeing” in Spanish). A mix of strategies to increase the earnings that artisans get from selling their creations, so that they can cover up their regular expenses and also generate some extra savings that can be distributed into funds (e.g. medical emergencies, children, nature). This project sees their creative passion as an asset and aims at maintaining the instrumental value of money.

In 2013, the labbers renamed the project as “Artesanía para el Bienestar”

The cultural brand concept emerged from the opportunity observed in the field, that the artisans in 20 Nov could benefit from working together by sharing logistics and optimizing costs. Furthermore, formalizing the economic activity is the means in Mexico to gain access to the public health care systems. By being a commune of indigenous artisans, people from 20 Nov might have the right to constitute themselves as a moral figure different from a regular company.

Click here to know more about Artesanía para el Bienestar

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