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Google, this is “El 20”.

Jack Fermon, from Google Mexico, came up with an idea on how to increase the efficiency of WiFi network installations through ‘frugal innovation’; that is, by making use of low cost and even cheap materials that are easy to find and with which people could build antennas of their own. The ultimate goal being, spreading the […]

April 16, by Katja / FIRST DAY IN THE VILLAGE

First night Finally sweaty heat turned into the fresh air. It was our first night in the village. For many of us it was probably one of the most unusual nights ever. We were sleeping in the traditional hand made hammocks in the village of Maya people near the largest biosphere reserve forest in Latin […]

April 15, by Tuulikki / Arrival at El 20

We met with sleepy eyes at the Juarez airport  for our flight to Chetumal already at 4:30 am. Finally also our mentors Anni Hapuoja and Elina Lehikoinen, and our documentors Antti Seppänen and Jan Ahlstedt from Finland joined our team. The airline staff was a bit suspicious about our intentions to take a distilled water […]

ALM 2015, course description and objectives

In 2015, Aalto LAB Mexico is one out of three case studies of Sustainable Global Technologies course in Aalto University. Therefore, the program is as follows: PHASE 1: Preparation – September to December 2014 SGT Studio course preparations and design, defining workshop objectives, call for applications for Aalto students, selecting the students. Aalto students took […]