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The year is ending, holidays are here and these give us an excuse to be less academic and formal and send a warm and honest message to all of those who are making this experience possible. In here, we commonly speak of a community that is being build up while searching for sustainability. Perhaps ‘today’ […]

Crowdfunding – Here’s how you can contribute!

Crowdfunding for the Eco-Hostel project is still underway, and for the Finnish supporters out there we have another way for you to be a part of the crowdfunding community this holiday season! Below are the items which are available to purchase as part of our crowdfunding drive, from which 100% of the profits go directly […]

Crowdfunding the Eco-Hostel

VIDEO in Spanish Video’s text in English: We are Aalto LAB Mexico, an incredibly diverse team. Some of us are artisans from the community called ’20 de Noviembre’, located in Calakmul, Campeche, Mexico, others are students, teachers, researchers either from Aalto University (Helsinki, Finland) or from the National Autonomous University of Mexico or from Monterrey […]