3 main projects

  1. Artesanía para el Bienestar (eng. Artistry for Wellbeing). Strategy to raise money for a medical emergency fund through their craft production. This project sees their creative passion as an asset, maintains the instrumental value of money, and gives them access to health care services.
  2. Eco-hostel / La Casita (eng. “The Little house”, as called by the people of El 20). Archetype of a sustainable house for El 20, which takes in account the Mayan traditional construction techniques and implements clean technologies. The building is owned by the community as a whole and has the program to serve as the administration building of their tourism industry and at the same time, serve the needs of children who require computers, electricity and internet access to do their homework.
  3. Water system: Cuxta-Há (Mayan for living water). This proposal seeks to prepare the community to tackle future problems caused by climate change and to secure that the water they drink is of good quality. On one hand, this project aims to build new community tanks for storing and purifying rainwater; on the other, it seeks to implement technologies that minimize the amount of water needed (e.g. dry toilets).

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