Matleena Muhonen, Landscape Architect (M.Sc.), Sustainable Global Technologies Programme Coordinator at the Aalto University in Finland. It all started in Benin, West Africa, for me – a bit over ten years ago. Seems that the rhythm of the djembe drum has shown me the way ever since. The way has gone through informal settlements and streets of Nairobi, Bangkok, Phnom Penh and Dar es Salaam, via neighborhoods to peoples’ fields and backyards and to their nearest and dearest – their homes. I am a Landscape Architect working in the training and education in the field of sustainable development at Aalto University. I have been coordinating the multidisciplinary educational programme on Sustainable Global Technologies since 2007. I have furthered my studies in university pedagogy focusing on teaching multicultural and multidisciplinary groups. It is a privilege to be involved with Aalto LAB Mexico 2015. For me ALM combines so many elements of a successful and sustainable way of making the world a better place to live.

DSC_0140Claudia Garduño

During my MA studies in Aalto University, I participated in Aalto LAB Shanghai, belonging to the very first team of LABBERS. I saw so much potential in it that I got the crazy idea of taking Aalto LAB to Mexico, and making it the case study of my doctoral work “Design as Freedom”. I’m still surprised, honoured and thankful that so many people supported the idea and are making it happen. Throughout the way I’ve been an exchange student in the Postgraduate in Industrial Design in the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), and I founded an alumni association in Monterrey Institute of Technology (Tec CCM) ‘DEDESS’




Teachers Aalto LAB Mexico 2012-2015


OmarOmar Rojas: Doctoral Candidate in the Geography Institute at Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM). MSc. in Environment and development, major in Sustainable Development at CIEMAD at Instituto Politécnico Nacional (IPN). He is head of the BSc. Programme in Engineering in Sustainable Development at Tecnológico de Monterrey Campus Ciudad de México. He has worked in the Geography Institute at UNAM in the academic management of the Ecological Territorial Sorting for the Petrol Zone North V in the state of Chiapas. He has worked in the University Program of the Environment (PUMA is the acronym in Spanish) at UNAM, in Environmental Impact Projects for Parota dam in the State of Guerrero; environmental factibility for the International Airport in Mexico City (Texcoco or Tizayuca); technical project to elaborate the Emissions and pollutants transference records for the National Institute of Ecology (INE). He has authored various scientific papers, journal articles and book chapters (Ecological land management in the oil municipalities of Region V North, Chiapas: limits and perspectives of participatory community workshops). Omar has been part of ALM since 2012.

Constantino Landa. I have been in the direction of Industrial Design IMG_2040Program in Tec de Monterrey CCM for almost 3 years, and more than 8 as a professor teaching project courses and design methodology and management. I was born in Guatemala City, but have been living in Mexico City since 1967. Constantino has supported Aalto LAB Mexico from the beginning, he has helped us get in touch with his students, but also with the departments within Tec de Monterrey that could help fund the project. Constantino has supported ALM since 2012.

Susu Nousala (PhD) is a Social Complex Adaptive Systems scientist applying a Untitled-1poly-disciplinary approach to Project Based Learning in the areas of societal impact through sustainable governance, business innovation (entrepreneurial platforms). She is also interested in exploring innovative disruptions between knowledge systems, engineering management and design across multiple domains (including peer review processes for well-articulated communication).




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