Eco-Hostel/ “La Casita”


La Casita Complex (Casita means “the little house” in Spanish). Archetype of a sustainable Mayan house in El 20. It mixes Mayan traditional construction techniques and implements clean technologies. It is owned by the community and serves simultaneously as a community hub, complementary facilities for the school (cafeteria, toilets, working spaces), and as touristic infrastructure (accommodation).

This concept derives from two opportunity areas identified in the field; that of empowering their economic activity through community (eco) tourism, and that of generating infrastructure that is specifically designed to meet the climatologic conditions and cultural traditions of 20 Nov.


Construction process in charge of Daniel Dzib (all pictures by Miriam Cahuich):

Thanks to all who contributed through Transformadora Ciel:


Clic here to know more about La Casita Complex

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