Eco-Hostel/ “La Casita”



This concept derives from two opportunity areas identified in the field; that of empowering their economic activity through community (eco) tourism, and that of generating infrastructure that is specifically designed to meet the climatologic conditions and cultural traditions of 20 Nov.

Eco-hostel presentation 2013


Video for the crowdfunding campaign (Nov-Dec 2013)


Thanks to all who contributed through transformadora ciel:



Construction process in charge of Daniel Dzib (all pictures by Miriam Cahuich):





























10412134_253089574879015_647947715_o  10468530_259615987559707_1255954029_o







10656351_300394320148540_462472113_n 10704942_300395153481790_1589537011_n


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  1. […] Aalto Lab Mexico’s Pop Up -shop has taken over the Media Factory for this week. Come take a look at the products and order your own before Christmas! All products are handmade on order by the artisans of 20 de Noviembre in Campeche, Mexico. The shop is part of a crowdfunding for the Eco-Hostel -project. […]

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