El 20 de Noviembre

The Ejido 20 de Noviembre is located in the State of Campeche, in the Municipality of Calakmul, which was officially created in 1996 (Gob. De Calakmul, n.d. b) through the integration of 82 lowly populated communities (H. Ayuntamiento de Calakmul, 2012).

Calakmul is also the name given to the largest protected area of the state of Campeche, a biosphere that extends over 723,000 hectares and that is listed as UNESCO Natural Heritage, the first mix-heritage site (UNESCO, n.d.) and produces 13% of the oxygen on the planet (Gob. De Calakmul, n.d.a).

A video of El 20, by Antti Seppanen (2013):

A slideshow, by Claudia Garduño García (2012):

2 thoughts on “El 20 de Noviembre

  1. This is really cool! Never heard of 20 de Noviembre before. Reminds me of a hippy commune a bit. Really an interesting place, I’m curious how the residents that grow up there respond to visits to the big city.

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