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In the past eight years, we have been able to “break” the design process into stages (1. Diagnosis, 2. Conceptualization, 3. Implementation, 4. Evaluation). Nonetheless, our pedagogical experiments have focused mainly on the initial phases. Our possibilities to implement the project ideas have been limited mainly due to the time constraints posed by the university calendar, and the lack of funding.

Throughout the years, ALM has focused on developing proposals around four different axes that have consistently been brought up as a main concern by the people of El 20 de Noviembre.

These axes are: sustaining their cultural heritage, sustaining the environment, achieving economic sustainability and achieving health security.

Each year, the team of labbers defines their focus areas, based on their expertise and interests. This working model, supported by SGT has enabled ALM to conduct several rounds of research in El 20, regarding water quality the possibilities of strengthening their community tourism services, the culturally and environmentally adequate sustainable infrastructures, and also identifying possibilities within the tangled Mexican health care system.

The results of the project have been presented in different academic conferences in Mexico, Finland, Norway, Netherlands, India, and South Africa. It has also been described in some publications including BA and MA Theses, doctoral dissertations, books, book chapters, and journal articles.

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