The year is ending, holidays are here and these give us an excuse to be less academic and formal and send a warm and honest message to all of those who are making this experience possible.

In here, we commonly speak of a community that is being build up while searching for sustainability. Perhaps ‘today’ we are allowed to say that we are friends dreaming together and aiming to make our dreams come true.

Every member of this group of friends is special and unique; but we always work together, we learn together. We are very thankful that we are getting to know each other so deeply, and even understand each other’s way of thinking.

One core of ALM are the LABBERS, who can be distinguished by their enthusiasm and belief that the world can be changed (sometimes working life makes us forget). Thanks!

Another core are the inhabitants of ’20 de Noviembre’; who actually live in a different world, where they don’t need to buy food because they grow it themselves (like hipsters)! Thanks!

Then we have our EXPERTS; they are many friends who have dared to be naïve by believing in us! Thanks!

We lately invited more people to be part of this attempt to make the world a better place through the crowdfunding platform. Thanks, dear sponsors!

We are still far from the goal, and we are running out of time, but hope is still strong! (Please?!!)

And we also strongly hope that more people will soon realize that the world can be better because of them!

Very happy holidays to you all!

1 thought on “HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

  1. Belated Happy Holidays!

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