Health Security Plan



Health Security Plan and its potential contributions to life in El 20

Health Security

Cultural Heritage

Environmental Sustainability

Economic Security

Health Security Plan

The Health Security plan comprises a series of actions, strategies, and strategic alliances which together might help El 20 escape from their poverty trap.  The Health Security plan for El 20 is carefully designed so that the community maintains and strengthens its autonomy. Medical emergencies are the most common unexpected expenditures in El 20. These cause the people of the community to be indebted for a long time. Many times, they have to sell animals and even land to pay for their loans. 

Community based health care fund

The fund seeks to ensure that anyone in the community who goes through a medical emergency will receive treatment. Small and large emergencies are normally covered; this fund is especially directed to medium sized medical emergencies. The fund might strengthen the sense of community in El 20. The fund will prevent people of El 20 from acquiring debts. 

Social community Service

By having medicine students developing their social community service in El 20, their health could be better monitored, and this could lead to preventing diseases. Students could take care of minor medical issues in the community, preventing families from spending in transportation and consult.

Community contributions

This is the way in which the fund can be kept alive in the long run. Stable contributions by all for anyone who might need it is in line with their common sharing practice. The amount contributed should not harm their family economy. 


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