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The year is ending, holidays are here and these give us an excuse to be less academic and formal and send a warm and honest message to all of those who are making this experience possible. In here, we commonly speak of a community that is being build up while searching for sustainability. Perhaps ‘today’ […]

Crowdfunding – Here’s how you can contribute!

Crowdfunding for the Eco-Hostel project is still underway, and for the Finnish supporters out there we have another way for you to be a part of the crowdfunding community this holiday season! Below are the items which are available to purchase as part of our crowdfunding drive, from which 100% of the profits go directly […]

Sunday, November 3 by Flynn Lewer

Sunday started very early, and in the dense jungle rain to which we were still becoming accustomed. After spending a couple of days with 20 de Noviembre, and it being Sunday, we had planned for the day an excursion deep into the jungle to Calakmul, one of the largest Mayan pyramids in the area. It […]

Constructive models?

Last week the eco-hostel group summarised the work done so far – I wanted to pick up on some of the issues – especially the idea of the ‘manual’ and what this could possibly mean for our work with 20 de Noviembre. Firstly, Delfin (visiting with Gabo & Juan, talking biomimicry & architecture) contributed the […]

Designing for tropical conditions – a case study

  Talking with Gabo and Juan last week, we discussed the need to reference a case study on tropical building strategies – incorporating passive solar strategies to maximise energy efficiency and increase comfort. So for this week I thought it would be appropriate to discuss a building that is often talked about in Australia as […]


Water is the resource that most abounds on Earth, however, it is also one of the basic needs that is out of reach for a lot of people. But having too much water can be just as harmful as having no water. We also have to be conscious about the resources where the water is […]

Impact of western cultural values on traditional Mayan housing

As part of our prelim research phase, I was looking into traditional Mayan architecture and found a fantastic paper by James Davidson, “Western architectural ideology and its impact on the traditional building practices of the Maya peoples of Guatemala and Southern Mexico”. The opening question is directly relevant: “can ‘traditional’ building practices synthesise with nontraditional […]