ALM 2016 just spend an amazing week in „El 20 de Noviembre“. The first evening we had the opportunity to present our plans to the villagers. The inhabitants of „El 20“ expressed great interest in us and our project. We were warmly welcomed into our host families houses and during the week we greatly enjoyed […]

Today ALTO LAB MEXICO team starts the feedback phase, discussing findings made in the investigation week in the community of El 20. We’re preparing the presentation of findings and insights of our trip. We’re super happy and ready about sharing our results in the Finland Ambassador’s residence in Mexico City and sharing all the amazing […]

Today was a key day in the ALM 2016 project. We got to finally meet each other in person, and to know each other a bit more deeply, learning about our motivations and expectactions concerning the project. We also learned about what each team (Aalto, CEDIM, ITESM, UNAM) is going to focus on once we […]

Aalto LAB Mexico is a multicultural and interdisciplinary project focused on improving the quality of life in El 20, a community in Campeche that doesn’t have access to some of the basic services needed to live well. ALM’s main attribute are the different approaches to the project from specific disciplines which will help us develop […]

8.50 am I arrived to a shopping mall called Kamppi, in the center of Helsinki. I was really excited of the opportunity to meet the Mexican Ambassodor in the Embassy of Mexico! I noticed that the leather in my shoes was in pretty bad shape so I was bit embarrassed. An idea came into my […]

How would you help a community to develop in such a way that good health is enjoyed by all, while maintaining a strong cultural identity and the environment is protected? This March the Aalto Lab Mexico team will visit El 20 de Noviembre, a community in Campeche, the southeast of Mexico.  At the moment we are […]

More than seven (long) meetings per week, staying together to do group work until 4AM and five skype conversations on one day: nothing is too crazy for the ALM 2016 team located in Finland. The six students as well as the mentors have been working long hours on this year’s project already. We are all […]