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Aalto LAB Mexico 2017

The story of this year’s labbers (Julia, Emiliano, Paavo, Alejandra, Ville, Pietu, Sebastián, and Niklas)  can be read here: El 20 Journey Advertisements

Into the Jungle of Lifelong Learning

How might we make the world a better place? This question will never cease to be relevant. One simple response is without a doubt Aalto LAB Mexico, the ambitious and inspiring endeavour to make a real difference in the everyday lives of real communities with design thinking. So what is the design thinking process about? […]

Nice to meet you again Ambassador! (BY MIKAEL)

Today we had the privilege to meet the ambassador of Mexico Norma Pensado second time here in the warmth of Helsinki. The day started beautifully with a clear sky and the sun gave us the needed energy for the presentation that waited us. We met with the group at Narinkkatori, in front of the mall […]

Winter is coming back … (by Mareike)

That is how it feels like, when you take a look out the window or have to go outside, at the moment in Finland. The current mood is to hide under your warm and cosy blanket, watch TV series the whole day and try to avoid leaving the house. But for us that is not […]

The Mid-Term Review … (by Mareike)

  … was meant to present our current project stage to the other groups of the SGT studio course, but mainly it gave us the chance to take stock of our project and receive the opinions of outside parties. We got some guidelines trough the course instructions questions that should be answered in the presentation, […]

Eco-Tourism as a Sustainable Development (Train) Engine in “El 20” (by Tian)

In the southeast of Mexico lies the Calakmul Biosphere Reserve, one of Mexico’s largest remaining rainforests.  Composed of an amazing biodiversity of animal and plant species, several of them existing nowhere else in the world, it provides key environmental and conservation benefits for Mexico and, indeed, for the the entire planet.  The region used to […]

Hard work and emotions (By Christine)

After almost a week of irregular sleep, classes, work and post-Mexico nostalgia, it is time to reflect on our learnings and plan for the coming weeks. (Disclaimer: as this is my reflection and as I am currently dwelling in post-Mexico nostalgia, it will be long and might become a bit personal. For more objective information, […]