Work being done from home

zoom meeting with the team

After the adventure trying to come back home, which was a struggle for the finish/danish team, we started to figure out dynamics (as every other team on the planet, potentially) to connect and keep working on the projects. For starters one of the main things on our to-do list is the report that should be done each year after the fieldwork, to write the experience while still being fresh in our memories and also to be sure that the information passes along to the following teams and projects to come.

On the other hand and entangled along, big part of this time is being used to recheck our inicial ideas and proposals in contrast with what could be implemented there. Some technological specs need to be considered such as the high levels of humidity there are. Algo social factors become crucial regarding some of our proposals which now seem to be complicated to be implemented or wanted there.

Another big project being planned and done so far is a book and a crowdfunding campaign along with it. We’ve been having meetings almost every other week through zoom or hangouts to chat about our goals regarding the book, what should it communicate, whom should it take in regard. What’s the materials that we’ve got in our hand and with which we could play along. The process itself has been entertaining and uplifting in this pandemic and uncertain times.

The context that the world is going through right now has made us re question many things as individuals and as a team, as a team thinking about the isolated community of El 20 that doesn’t have any healthcare provided by the government other than some visits each month or so. Because of the isolation from bigger communities we hope that the virus won´t get there in some time, long enough for them to be prepared. We know they’re not welcoming people right now, which is their best way of being safe, what they should be doing such as many other communities in the country.

So far we’re still working on and expect to have that campaign ready for many people to read about El 20’s food, kitchen and women. To support this project and cause.

Stay tuned to check out how this process develops!

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