March 15, 2020

That day was pretty much free in the community, the plan was to
have breakfast and then go get crafts from the shops, pack and
be ready to leave with Chicharrín to make a stop at Bacalar, swim
a bit, have lunch and go to the airport. Sadly, Finnish girls weren’t
allowed to fly because the airline had put a restriction on people
that hadn’t been in Mexico for more than two weeks because of
the COVID-19’s situation. All of them had to buy a new ticket with
another airline that didn’t have that restriction, but they had to
wait until the next day to travel. So, they went back to Chetumal
and stayed at the place they had booked at the beginning of
the trip. This is when we knew things were starting to get crazy
around the world. Only the UNAM team was able to fly back to
CDMX and start processing the adventure that we just had had in
that quiet piece of the Mayan jungle

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