What’s going on in México?

Our weeks go from Wednesday to Wednesday as it is our class time and we have the opportunity to be all together and discuss the ideas, advances and projects details.

Last week we stablished the different projects we will be working on. Since we are a big multidisciplinary team we divided ourselves in small teams depending on our capabilities and interests and came up with a diagram and the different subjects (See Image below)

(First plan)

This plan has changed a little bit during this week, we mixed some subjects like for example stove and architecture, interior architecture with furniture and services and communication with everything else because it’s transversal to all the kitchen and comedor operation and logistics.

We also started searching for the materials and technology to be used in the fridge construction, came up with a plan to experiment with 2 different models. We know that El 20 is not a frequently meat consumer but they use a lot of fruits, vegetables and sometimes cheese to cook so we have a table with the different temperatures those need to be in.

Another important aspect of the fridge is that the community sees it as a luxury so somehow they want to have an electrical one, what we are planning to do in the next class is create a presentation to show them there explaining all the electrical costs of having a normal fridge to create some conscious around it and be able to introduce our ideas and models, discuss them and get the approval to try them.

By: Laura Ochoa

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