During last week we reviewed different books, catalogues and cookbooks that some of us had at their homes or libraries. Some of them were books regarding the mexican culture, as the book “Handcrafts and popular art of Yucatan” which describes with beautiful images and text the diverse and sophisticated elements that integrate the mayan culture that remains till our days in such state.

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Similar to it but focused on the handcrafts and the design connection, the catalogue “Authentic Handcrafts from Queretaro” include different handcrafts that are produced nowadays in such state and which are the surprising result of a mixture between artisans and designers. The images and the results of that project show that the culture of a state still can be intervened and if mixed properly with the contemporary design, amazing results can be obtained.


Regarding the cookbooks, the common format they possess exhibits only images of the food the recipe is made for and how they should look like. But the book “Objects with soul” shows pictures of the most common and popular artifacts that can be found in a traditional mexican house and the recipes of the common food or beverages made with them. So we can learn not only about the meaning and use of an object, but also about the mexican recipes that require it.


Finally, we checked the book “I cook in the supply center with the chef José Bossuet” which with a beautiful design and amazing pictures, shows different fruit and vegetables that are sold in the biggest supply center of the world and the delicious food that can be created with them.


We believe that this references will be helpful for the creation of a new cookbook that surely can collect the amazing knowledge of some of the best cooks of El20, along with the most delicious recipes that they have gathered in many generations and the cultural or natural elements that are recquired for them.

By: Mariana Aguila

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