Into the Jungle of Lifelong Learning

How might we make the world a better place?
This question will never cease to be relevant. One simple response is without a doubt Aalto LAB Mexico, the ambitious and inspiring endeavour to make a real difference in the everyday lives of real communities with design thinking.
So what is the design thinking process about? For me it is all about attitude. It is that brave attitude that dares to attack the most complex challenges, with a candid belief that for every challenge, there is a solution. It is that humble attitude that is driven by deep empathy, with a swelling need for holistic understanding. It is that pragmatic yet visionary attitude that interprets insights into amazing opportunities, activating novel levels of interaction. Design thinking is a creative process of lifelong learning, aiding us with the assimilation of the constant reformation of our world.
A couple of weeks ago I gave a talk at Aalto University’s “Dive into Design”, an intro course to the fresh and bright MA design students. It is always a pleasure to promote ALM to such an audience, in light of ALM being defined by design thinking, lifelong learning and multi-disciplinary co-design. What makes this course so special is that it is far from an ordinary student project – it is an authentic learning experience that truly redefines the roles one has chosen to take, along with the responsibilities those roles reveal. Whatever the role, Labber-to-be or not, I sincerely hope we all seize one of the most important, shared responsibility of all – making the world a better place.

Photo by Emma Berg & Anja Lisa Hirsher

Welcome, dear MA design students, deeper into the jungle of lifelong learning. It is a mind-blowing adventure!

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