Nice to meet you again Ambassador! (BY MIKAEL)

Today we had the privilege to meet the ambassador of Mexico Norma Pensado second time here in the warmth of Helsinki. The day started beautifully with a clear sky and the sun gave us the needed energy for the presentation that waited us. We met with the group at Narinkkatori, in front of the mall of Kamppi and head to the school of business located a walking distance away, in Töölö. Philipp had other studio course going on which is why he had to pass this occasion. We enjoyed the sun at least half an hour before we went to the Impact Iglu – a headquarters for entrepreneurs who do business to solve societal challenges. (

The meeting started just after 11 am with ambassador coming in to the room. We had a pleasant round of greetings after what we sat comfortably to the seats. We had decided to be seated throughout the presentation, what made the situation very relaxed and kept the bar low for questions. The questions came during the presentation and actually the presentation worked as a platform for the conversation more than being a formal presentation. We had many laughs during the presentation and the ambassador and our project lead Claudia had ideas for collaboration – it is inspiring to see what comes out of all this!


We ended the situation with casual talks and the desserts got our attention fast. Our project lead Claudia had brought Mexican delicates ‘Obleas’ that were very popular amongst our group. The packet says: “Oblea con cajeta de leche de cabra” which google.translate transfers surprisingly beautifully as “Wafer with goat milk caramel”. We enjoyed the candies and said good byes to everyone.

Hasta Pronto!

Br, Mikael & Labbers of Aalto

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