Winter is coming back … (by Mareike)

That is how it feels like, when you take a look out the window or have to go outside, at the moment in Finland. The current mood is to hide under your warm and cosy blanket, watch TV series the whole day and try to avoid leaving the house. But for us that is not possible. We try our best to stick to our plan to finish the report before the Aalto festival, which will be from the May 18 till 31, 2016. By now we have managed to create a draft version of the report, which still needs a lot of work. But we agreed to have it ready on this week’s Thursday that we can send it to our correctors. Also, thanks to my friend, we have now the basic layout for the report, which we really like. Without her help I guess we would have been lost or would have had a lot of sleepless nights. We still have to make our visualisations, pick out the photos, give the report to our correctors and put it into the prepared layout. Next to that we have to prepare our embassy presentation (9.5.2016) and think about the final presentation (16.5.2016) …


And the weather is, as mentioned, not really helpful to motivate yourself to work. Hopefully the weather gets better to bright up our mood and to have a dry and sunny Vappu. For all the non-Finnish people, Vappu is very important here. It will be celebrated in the night from the 30th of April to the 1st of May and represents Walpurgis day or also called Witches Night. In this night everybody goes out with friends, because the next day will be a day off from work, school and university. The celebration continues also on the 1st of May and normally includes some nice activities, like a picnic with family and friends. So nice and sunny weather is a must after so many dark and cold month, which have been spend mostly inside. The student celebration ceremonies, especially those from the engineering students, can last for over 1 week. With this in mind: KIPPIS 🙂

vappuThis is what Vappu looks like. Source: Tunturisusi

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