Pre-Field Trip Workshop (by Ximena)

12422447_10153850594081648_311419519_oToday was a key day in the ALM 2016 project.

We got to finally meet each other in person, and to know each other a bit more deeply, learning about our motivations and expectactions concerning the project. We also learned about what each team (Aalto, CEDIM, ITESM, UNAM) is going to focus on once we get to the community. Every dot is connecting a bit better and each of the labber’s understanding of the whole situation improved greatly. Feedback was given towards each of the project’s areas and interesting insights came up, things we hadn’t thought about before. It was an enligthening day. All of our fears and doubts have finally been resolved (kind of). We are super excited to get lost in the jungle, get lost in the research and most importantly, in the mayan people’s hearts and world. Meeting all of the experts and mentors was really interesting and mind opening. Some of the interesting activities that took place can be summarized like this:

– We created our own dictionary-worthy definitions of :
development, indigenous, and identity

– Created an “elevator pitch” describing our team’s specific objective

-Calendarized our on field activities

-Defined ALM 2016’s values, to be remembered when times get tough.

All in all, a good way to start.


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