April 23: Smart casual with Saint Google…BY ALE

Our day started taking a shower, under a real shower, and with water from Mexico City, followed by a pair of jeans and makeup; and then a happy journey to “El Tec”, to work on the presentation for the next day at Torre Mayor.

After arriving to “El Tec”, the day loomed productive and with enough time to go to the beauty salon, just as Ingrid, Tranj and me wanted, but as the lack of organization was consuming our time, Tuulikki was getting more and more stressed, until she decided to take control over the presentation. Acting as a leader, she guided us through the process of organizing the order of the slides. I appreciate that she did that, otherwise the team wouldn’t have had enough time and our slides would be a mess.

While Tuulikki was leading, Tanja’s performance was overshadowed by her poor stomach, that was feeling sad and unhappy. We thought that the pain was caused by gastritis due to stress, but, we didn’t knew that she came down with some germs! And it wasn’t until she was back in Finland that we knew the truth about her and her stomach!

After a long day, at 9.30 pm, “El Tec” kicked us out of the library, and we had to go somewhere else. First, we tried to go to a Sanborn’s restaurant (yes, that chain of cheap restaurants where you can have wi-fi until midnight, for only a 25-pesos american coffee) but, it turned out that the closest Sanborn’s to “El Tec” was closed! So we had to appeal to Wings Army. There’s no better place to work on a presentation than Wings Army: wi-fi until dawn, alcohol, friends and wings (I must confess that i’m not a wing fan, I found them disgusting, sorry!)


And…before leaving to have some rest, we couldn’t avoid to google images about the dress code for the next day presentation at Torre Mayor.

What did we google?

”Smart casual”

I left you a screenshot just in case you need a smart casual outfit!



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