April 14: The day play rules were established and Anujador, the Indian-Mexican wrestler, was born…BY ALAN

The day started like any other day in Mexico City, the dogs were barking, the birds were chirping and the tamales guy was screaming at the top of his lungs the different kinds of tamales that he had for the day. The team was supposed to meet really early at Tec to have breakfast, but we arrived a little late (STOP! I forgot to mention: by “we” I mean Anuj and me, the two most unpunctual people on the Aaalto Lab team. Once this being said, it will make a lot of sense in future posts.)

Forgetting the late incident, the breakfast went well, but after it, it was showtime! We were divided in teams to establish rules among our team and how we were going to work with the community. All the ideas were similar: be respectful to each other and the people of the community, not being late (a really hard one for me), not using a bad language and the most important one of this whole experience, which became a golden rule: DON´T KEEP ANYTHING TO YOURSELF, SAY IT! The day went really fast as we kept talking about what to expect in EL 20 and what were our goals as sanitation and water team once we started working.

In the evening we decided to go to the Lucha Libre, basically a Freestyle Wrestling match, which is a Mexican thing. We got there late (what a shocker), the tickets were almost gone, but we found this guy on the street selling tickets for the match, we wanted to be right in front and he kind of got us what we wanted. We went into the arena to take our places and enjoy the match.

People in those kind of events tend to get everything out of their system, and really, they get it all out. If you feel angry, depressed, sad or just happy, go to the Lucha Libre and scream whatever comes up to your mind. In this case, two mexican guys of the group (won´t mention names: Ale and me)  were teaching the guys how to come up with great sentences to shout to the luchadores. Always supporting them and never saying bad things during the entire match. Once it was over, we went looking for a fighter as groupies and got to take a picture with him, the guy´s name was Atlantis.

Anuj was so starstruck and inspired that he decided to put a mask on and be a luchador….Anujador (Anuchador) the Indian-Mexican wrestler that fights for the cleanness of water and the sustainability of EL 20 de Noviembre.



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