For the past few months, every time we meet someone I feel like we are doing something like in the movie INCEPTION: we go deeper and deeper in different levels of the project, so when we get the “kick”, the solution will have and impact on all these levels. I know it sounds weird or geeky to compare this project with a movie, but we have been talking about different aspects of El 20, like economic, social, natural, cultural, etc. but we never talked about a cosmogonic or ideological aspect.  Even though the community has one or two religions that predominate, there must be some stories or ancient meanings that stuck to them all this time. And that is when the question kicked in: Is there a ancestral meaning related to water?

Last week we got to meet and talk to Delfin (yes, Dolphin, that is his name), a good friend of Guillermo and a key person to this whole project. We were having some drinks in a little bar located in Coyoacán, talking about what was the purpose of this year´s Aalto Lab. Then the conversation started to flow and Delfin said something that was groundbreaking for the ones that were at the table: “we always look for problems. We like to talk about them and complain, and it becomes an endless conversation that would lead us to feel angry, depressed or sad. It is easier to find problems than solutions. Why don´t we look for “potential” and take advantage of it?”

He was so right! Maybe that is what people need: tell them that they have something that other communities don´t have and make them see that they have “this thing” that can make them stand out or not feel vulnerable. So instead of looking solutions to problems, why don´t we look for potential to solve some problems?

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