Session March 13th and 20th by Nayeli Ramírez


Session March 13Th and 20th The Session we had on Friday 13th was very interesting, we did a creative activity with some Post Its, where we made a brainstorming of ideas about the protect, and wrote the key words that represent our thoughts, our expectations, and our biggest fears. It helped us notice what are the biggest challenges we will have this year in Calakmul. At the end of the activity we share our key words, we start making clusters of the big ideas and what we notice was that actually all the members have the same feelings about the challenges, most of the fears we have are related to the problems and difficulties of creating a good communication with the people of the community and also the acceptance that the new proposals of the water quality and sanitation will have. Summarizing, we can say that our biggest fear is going to the community and that we can´t collaborate or create an atmosphere of trust with the community. In our discussion we mention that talking to new people is always intimidating  but after a while is actually very fulfilling. When you are able to connect tastes of music, books, ideas or even feelings with another human being. It’s our great task to learn the most of our visit. And most of all try but really, really try to link and understand how they live. Because listening and coexisting with people is what makes us richer. The session of march 20th was difficult because every member had different schedules, at the end we were almost all together and we established as a Big goal to read the three possible contests to participate and earn some funding’s to continue the project. For example “transforming your community” that is by the enterprise Cemex. So the plan is that the next week we can prepare the ideas and the documents needed for the price. It´s motivating and encouraging that the project of Aalto Lab Mexico 2015 is so integrate. In this session we give our advances of what we are doing and what we plan to do. We talked about the meetings we had, and is good to hear that there are experts interested in helping us with their advice.

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