Today we met a wise labber, who has been in the project since the begginning, i’m talking about Gabo. I was excited to meet him, because he is an Industrial Designer and he feels the same about how Industrial Design is teached: the objective of the designer is to create objects and think about mass-production processes.

Far beyond meeting new people…we discussed a little bit about…Indigenous communities:

For mexicans what does “indigenous” mean?

In Mexico, despite we are relatives to this groups, we practice some of their traditions and we even use everyday words, most part of the people use “indian” or “indigenous” as a pejorative word when refering to someone! Why is it bad to be indigenous? Having different ways of thinking, building, living make a bad community?

Fortunately, in the other hand, there are people who see these groups as a synonymus of “culture” (i prefer these one). Another point of view: that can transform/improve our own conception of life. An info source to learn from and improve life in cities.

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