Session February 27th 2015 by Alin Sukey.

This was the first meeting call via skype between the mexican and finnish team. One of the main moments was the analysis around the definition of development. Aalto Lab Mexico consists of students and researchers from different countries, including India, Vietnam, Finland and México, so, labbers have different points of view concerning to the topic. Ideas obtained about development: – Money is one of the main objects that contribute to the development of a country. – Development is a result of the interrelation of many factors such as social, geographic, economic and cultural. – There are developed countries and developing countries. – Developed countries invest in developing countries and least developed countries, sometimes for obtaining resources and others for improve the lifestyle of these not well developed countries. It seems that –development- is a huge complex term that we have to understand before making the work site at El 20. We have to realize and understand about the way we live, the time when we live, the actual context, and the way we make development in cities and also to live and understand the development that has and expects El 20. Next, I am sharing an scheme about the concepts that we think are related to development which I drew while we were having the call. Later I added some other ideas. lab We must be critical with thinking about the development of certain place in relation with the world, trying to involve all actors, factors, media, objects and resources.

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