Crowdfunding – Here’s how you can contribute!

Crowdfunding for the Eco-Hostel project is still underway, and for the Finnish supporters out there we have another way for you to be a part of the crowdfunding community this holiday season!

Below are the items which are available to purchase as part of our crowdfunding drive, from which 100% of the profits go directly to the Eco-Hostel project. These items are also on display in the foyer of Media Factory @ Aalto University 13 – 20th December.

We ask that you contact Claudia Garduno Garcia – – if you are interested – before 28.12.13 

Handmade Mayan Domino Set – €45   (including postage)

Domino2 Domino

Handmade Campeche Embroidered Dress– size upon request – €90   (including postage)


Handwoven Hammock – various sizes & colours available – €200   (including postage)

hammock hammock2

Handmade Campeche Embroidered Blouse– size upon request – €35   (including postage)


Handmade Wooden Earrings (pair) – €17  (including postage)


Handmade Campeche Embroidered Shirt (Male & Female) – size upon request – €40 (including postage)


Handcarved Wooden Box – Large €35  / Small €20 (including postage)

DSCF1156 DSCF1157

Handcarved Wooden Box – Large €30  / Small €20 (including postage)


Handmade Corn Earrings (pair) –  €10 (including postage)



These are all unique and handmade items, as such whatever you order will be made especially for you, by the artisans of 20 de Noviembre in Campeche, Mexico. We welcome your involvement!

1 thought on “Crowdfunding – Here’s how you can contribute!

  1. All of these are really handsome. I think you would be able to sell these online, although it may increase your costs and decrease the profits.

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