Artesanía para el bienestar

The ‘Cultural Brand’ project was renamed ‘Artesanía para el bienestar’.

The team explored ’20 de Noviembre’, and talked to some of the artisans; acknowledging that their products could be sold for higher prices. The value of the products could be increased if the stories behind them were explicitly told, or if the products symbolically told stories of the place. The extra money was perceived as necessary; not as an end, but as the means through which people from ’20 de Noviembre’ could gain access to the National Social Security System. In fact, from their role as tourists, the girls from the team knew that they would be willing to pay more for a product which dedicates a percentage of its price to a good cause –gathering money to generate a common fund for health-.

Suvi and Theresa introduced their idea to the artisans: Every artisan could have a selection of products within the ‘Artesanía para el bienestar’ program. Those products would be labelled with a stamp that says how much of its price is being destined to the health fund. The artisans of ‘el 20’ could decide whether they create a general common fund, if it works by groups or by families.

1 thought on “Artesanía para el bienestar

  1. This sounds like a great idea! Hopefully as time passes, this won’t marginalize the beauty and craft that the artisans are able to create.

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