Saturday, November 9 by Pamela Chantiri

Saturday, just a day after coming back from the jungle. Today we met at Tec de Monterrey around 10 am to continue working on the presentation for Monday. First, we recall the principal points each team will touch during the presentation that were established on Friday evening. After that, we gathered together in teams and continue working in the presentation content, which included text, photos, graphics and other type of data. We also were getting help from other teams, and also from Jan and Antti, who helped us with the video and photography. We continued like that until 4 pm and after that we decided to stop.

At the same time, there was a workshop driven by Alistair and Susu about water issues in Tec de Monterrey, where students, teachers and NGO’s members participated.

Later, by night, some of the team member went out to the city downtown! There, it was a light show around the place and important buildings were illuminated with really cool effects. It was awesome! Then everyone get back home to have some rest and get prepared for another day of work 🙂


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