Water is the resource that most abounds on Earth, however, it is also one of the basic needs that is out of reach for a lot of people. But having too much water can be just as harmful as having no water. We also have to be conscious about the resources where the water is taken from and the conditions it has regarding health, pollution and flexibility for agriculture and human needs.

The Water System team of Aalto LAB focuses on this aspects. Our aim is to develop a system that takes advantage of all water cycles: gathering, transporting, use & quality, waste and reuse. Based on an interdisciplinary approach we want to apply solutions already applied in Mexico due to their experience and work with the community of 20 de Noviembre to know their real needs, suggestions, co-create together and achieve the best solution.

People in 20 de Noviembre used to get water from the wells they have in their yards, which was really dangerous because the amount of calcium quantities contained in the soil and because of the pollution. But, since some years ago, rainwater harvesting systems were installed by an NGO, so now they use this water for drinking and in some cases for showering and other purposes. Even though, the quality of this water may not be adequate for consumption. Also, rains in the region have been diminishing in the last years, so preventive precautions must be taken.

-Isela Ramírez & Pamela Chantiri


Photograph by Omar Rojas

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